Black Hat SEO Tactics

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Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO tactics run the gamut from simple methods to get a bump in traffic to entire strategies that can be deployed to a lot of sites very quickly.  Black Hat World tends to have the most consistent documentation and support for a variety of these types of techniques or tactics.  Ultimately, the point is always to drive more traffic to your sites.  Some black hat SEO tactics people frown upon when they go ahead and use them too.  They use them because these tactics don’t physically harm anyone and nor do they harm the automated robots that crawl pages all day long.  They do one thing and one thing very well—make the potential consumer aware of all of their options.

It used to be that keyword stuffing and the like was black hat SEO tactics that seemed desperate and you would occasionally come to those sites and wonder what happened.  It looked like a typing tutor threw up all over the place.  But no, the point is that you went to that site.  The tactics that can be employed today range from the simple to the very sophisticated.  Wherever an affiliate link can be posted I guarantee it has been posted.  But the ways and places to post those links are increasing and expanding at a near exponential rate.  People have a desire for web rich content and love to purchase things over the internet too.  The expansion of content rich providers is just one variable to keep in mind when considering possible avenues of attack.  Some providers have built-in ways that let you exploit the system to reach consumers whether it’s via a structured campaign and some don’t so maybe it’s time to outsource some forum posters and do a link bombing blitz.

It should be stressed that these black hat activities are used by even legitimate companies and you will often see that they will never admit to doing it, play it down, and tear you apart until you call them out with proof.  So it is I suppose with all manner of corporate malfeasance.  Black hat tactics are a way to keep your skill set relevant and polished because the online world today is a vicious and competitive circle that is only going to become more so as the technology improves and feature rich content like social networks becomes the center point in a person’s daily life.  Can you afford to not be aware of these tactics?

The answer is absolutely not.  Sites like Black Hat World have a ton of resources that take a reasonable and rational look at these techniques, most of which have been perfected by people and companies alike over the years.  If anything use the opportunity to know your enemy because as you know, that is one crucial ingredient of winning the war.  Divesting yourself of limitations in all things is a hallmark of success and it might be a long way to the top, but you know that your competitors will take whatever shortcut they can to make it there first.

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