Black Hat SEO Technique

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Black Hat SEO Technique

The idea of using black hat SEO technique sound a lot scarier than they actually are.  Black Hat World is a great first stopping off point that will run you through the basics you need to know to get started.  There are even resources for the black belts in black hat techniques.  More on that later.  The technique just simply refers to manipulating search engine traffic and ranking to place your site as high as possible on the first page.  Studies have been conducted that indicate people scan searches from top to bottom and then depending on what language they are reading left to right or right to left.  So it behooves you to have your site at the very top because people aren’t going to start at the bottom and read up.

That’s how black hat SEO technique got its name in the first place.  Search engine optimization was an outgrowth of business and marketing professionals trying to make the most out of their campaigns and presence on the web.  The techniques that they pioneered (many of which are considered black hat these days) have made many people very wealthy.  Not all the techniques are tried and true or lead to instant sales or conversions.  People are a fickle bunch and it takes some finesse but there are ways that one can manipulate results so you can put your best foot forward and get you closer to closing that sale, making a conversion, or getting that click.

So what’s the big deal with black SEO technique?  Well, not much really.  That is, if you call subtle deception of an autonomous spider that scans pages a controversy or an outrage.  Sometimes you have done everything you know how to do or have paid a lot of money to supposed experts to help optimize a website so that it appears high on the first page of a Google search page.  Sometimes that is not enough and not to mention that the way engines actually rank pages is a proprietary and secret algorithm also subject to change.

Given these realities you are only shortchanging yourself if you do not make yourself aware of black hat SEO techniques.  Worst case scenario you get penalized (e.g. you get flagged) and you might have to start a campaign over or scrap a webpage.  Best case scenario you get filthy rich, hire a bunch of people to keep the machine running and move to Hawaii.  A sound nice does it not?  It can happen.  It does.  Black hat SEO technique is all about getting the most out of your marketing strategy.  You want to reach consumers and you have a service or product you tend to believe in.  Great.  Don’t stop there, make it happen.  Go to Black Hat World, introduce yourself on the forums, start reading up on internet marketing and get busy.  This won’t happen overnight and it will probably take some trial and error but it can and will if you are persistent and open your mind to the possibilities.

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