Black Hat SEO Tools

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Black Hat SEO Tools

So you want more traffic?  There are many methods of accomplishing this result and usually takes the form of a tight and optimized website along with black hat SEO tools.  Ok, so you still are not getting the traffic you need and you are still not driving the conversions or whatever type of campaign you may be running.  Well, it might be time for some divine black hat intervention courtesy of your friends over at BlackHatWorld.com.

For starters it is critical to have an excellent method of general analytics.  What market are you trying to target and what are your goals for a campaign?  This part takes the longest or maybe the shortest if you are impulsive but it truly is worth thinking about.  Some niches are tried and true and worn out while others maybe up and coming.  In addition, once you have an idea or an approach next to working on your keyword spread which is related directly to what potential consumers are going to type into a search engine and then arrive at your site.  There are a lot of options and a lot of black SEO tools, and others more akin to the dart throwing method but again Black Hat World is an excellent resource to get you started.  Thirdly, you will need to understand what your competitors are up to.  Again, there are tools to do this and most people you talk to will be mum on exactly what they are doing but the more you can find out about them the better you can focus your own strategy.

On top of all that, you will need a tool to monitor conversion rates for example.  How well are your keyword spreads actually doing in the wild?  Constantly monitoring and adjusting these variables as you go will be a beneficial learning experience and will help calibrate your effort into a successful campaign.  Finally, there are tools that can help evaluate your link profile, like how many web pages and how high are those pages ranked that can be tracked to yours—all good things in the realm of SEO.  Rank checkers also are a great way to automate the real results of how well your keywords actually rank in the engines themselves.  There are also some tried and true black hat methods that can work very well.

So you have an awesome idea for a niche and a bevy of tools to help.  Sometimes this next part is automated but some work should go into how you present the page.  You probably don’t have a degree in marketing.  That’s OK.  A lot of people who have made a lot of money don’t either.  But black hat SEO tools can certainly help.  These tools will help you gather the data you need so that you can where you went wrong, but it is up to you to actually make the changes so that a campaign going down the drain can be turned into a success.

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