Promoting Web Site For E-commerce

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Promoting Web site for e-commerce

What is the fundamental purpose of the web site in your online business? You want to get targeted volume of orders. Bringing the visitors to your site is just not Web site promotion. You also need to service all the queries, convert them as customers, accept orders, enable online payments, secure them and integrate with back office to service the customers.

Serve the queries: Your web site should be interactive to respond to queries. Making the site rich and exhaustive to cover most commonly required information can minimize the queries. Still, the emerging queries must be answered promptly to the complete satisfaction of the customer. There will be queries that will have to be responded by chat or by email or over telephone. So, the first response to the query is switch to a 2 way communication to agree on the mode of further interaction. Exploiting technology becomes essential part of this scenario. A response by email may not always be acceptable to a customer, due to the time delay. To ensure instant response and win the customer, email may not be the viable option. An SMS response may not serve all the needs. An instant interaction is possible only with a human being, who can interact further, as required, to gather the expectations in full. You must have your customer linked to a customer care person in the call center so that a chat session can be kicked off. There may be reasons like language, lack of understanding, etc that may warrant voice interaction. The call centre will need to revert to customer on his mobile or the telephone line. Some times, the answer may lie on elsewhere on the site and the customer will have to be guided to or advised how to navigate to get the required information. So in online marketing, web site promotion becomes the backbone.

Order acceptance: As you are able to impress your customer with contents, you also need to delight them with simple on line ordering. After your customer comes to your site and gets satisfied wit your product and services, places an order. The order has to be executed promptly to keep up the commitment of delivery and related services for installation, telephonic help and warranty. The order will have to be meticulously handled to give utmost customer satisfaction.

Enable online payments: It is also necessary to offer variety of payment options like credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, digital cash, electronic fund transfer, and any other commonly used instruments on the internet. Your Payment Gateway system should cover all possible options. Besides all, the customers must feel secure about their personal information being passed on over the internet. Therefore, have your site SSL certified by reputed Certifying Authority. Having done all these, make these details available on your web site. Then only the web site promotion will be fruitful.

Integrate with back office: Your customer must be serviced by a proper order management system that may be part of the e-commerce solution, you have implemented. In any case, you web site must link to the application software, be it an ERP or custom developed application that is used for order fulfillment.

As you make all the above only, your web site promotion is complete to get meaningful on line business

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