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SEO Expert

So you want to be an SEO expert? Well this is not going to happen overnight.  There is a lot of information to learn but the good thing is that there is a lot of information to be had online to help you.  One resource in particular that is absolutely beneficial is Black Hat World.  There you will find forums dedicated to every aspect of making money online whether it is through affiliate marketing, adsense, or really any way you can think of.  Most likely, people there have tried it and have successfully exploited it to turn a profit.  The beautiful thing is that most people there are willing to share their successes and offer their advice to people who need it.  You will quickly learn the attitude it takes and also the motivation required to become an SEO expert or just to be successful at making money online.

The hard truth is that you will not be successful the first time either.  It takes skill and technique but most of all it takes determination.  You have probably heard this before.  You may have played a group sport or you may have excelled in something else in your life.  This is most likely nothing new to you.  If this is the case, then that’s good, because you will need just as much determination and motivation for this endeavor.  Becoming an SEO expert does not require an understanding of rocket science or advanced mathematics.  What it does require is a determination to understand the concepts.  Once you understand the concepts you can delve into the mechanics of how those concepts work in the wild.  For example, most spiders will not take into consideration rich content like videos or other types of scripts like AJAX.  You will have to evaluate your design and consider whether or not including that content is going to take away from your potential ranking.

And that’s what these decisions are usually like.  Hardly ever is it some sort of turn-key solution or situation.  Usually it’s a give and take of ideas or concepts.  You might have the richest kind of content in the world but it won’t help unless people can actually make it to your page in the first place.  Never build a site without taking into consideration SEO techniques.  A page should be conceptualized and planned with the idea that it will optimized for SEO as you build it.  Not doing this will be extremely frustrating and will be much more difficult to in the future once you are live.  This could also hurt your relationship with customers who already like your layout.  Don’t make this mistake.  What it comes down to be trust?  Does the big search engine trust your site to rank it high?  The evaluation of this trust is what SEO is all about.  The search engine is trusting that your content is going to be of high value to its users as they search and so you must do everything in your power to make use of this relationship.

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