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Amazing Advantages Of SEO Forums

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Amazing Advantages of SEO Forums

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is gaining popularity among various web owners and internet marketers. Every web owner tries to maintain a good website by applying proper SEO techniques. SEO Forum is another important aspect of SEO market. Let me clear some facts about forums. Forums can also be called as discussion board. In other words, they are basically websites which invite internet users to discus on particular topic and exchange their views about that topic. This also allows users from all around the world to interact with each other. Any posts posted on these forums will remain there for many weeks or months.

SEO forums are proved to be advantageous for guys dealing in SEO market. This is an excellent way of getting comments from various SEO experts which is really helpful for newcomers in this line. Readers can gain lots of knowledge from SEO expert’s comments and they can also clarify their doubts by posting questions on these forums. Many users share their personal experience through these forums. These forums also help in promoting online business as lots and lots of people are joining these forums daily.

Being a part of these Forums, I learned a lot from there by attending various healthy discussions. The best part about these forums is contribution and time given by SEO experts in solving queries of others. These forums also help its members in keeping themselves updated with all latest SEO news and latest techniques applied by SEO experts to maintain good page rank.

I think every website owner should join SEO forums. These forums are full of information about various SEO tips and tricks. These forums are open for all and anyone can join them. These forums have tremendous potential to promote your website or online business. After joining these forums, I observed tremendous increase in my back links. Everyone should select right forum, keep on posting your queries, and try to resolve other’s issues. This will help in maintaining good relation with other SEO users and side by side, it will affect your business. Proper participation in these forums will definitely enhance your SEO skills. Therefore, it is always advisable to join best forum as soon as possible.

I have read many books and surfed lots of sites to get complete knowledge about SEO. However, as far as my opinion, SEO forums are the best place to gain knowledge. Everyone may be newcomer or experienced guy should give his contribution in these forums. New comers should have basic knowledge about forums before joining them .For example how to submit their queries, how to find the answer, meaning of threads, avatar, profile etc. These points are must for any forum.

Joining SEO forum is always a profitable deal. This market is very wide and there are many things to learn. Forums are best place to do this. I would recommend every website owner or online businessperson to join a good forum. Numerous forums on internet mainly focus on SEO. Join these forums and control the world of SEO.


Easy And Effective Ways Of Website Promotion

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Easy and Effective Ways of Website Promotion

Success behind every website and online business depends on way of its promotion. Every web owner spends lots of time and applies lots of strategies for website promotion. Smart and experienced webmasters know various ways and techniques which help in making their webpage popular among people and in search engines. There are numerous techniques available on internet through which you can promote your personal website. Here we will discuss few ways through which you can maximize your online profit by making your website popular.

For proper website promotion, proper work should be done on its building and layout. If you have good web designing skills, than you should do this task yourself otherwise you can hire any good web designer for this work. There are various free lancers available in market which can help you regarding your website building. Websites having good looks attract visitors very easily. This is one time investment of money and after this; you will surely get good result in future. Proper use of keywords helps in maintaining good page rank in search engines. So, proper work should be done on contents and with very good quantity of keywords. This is another very important point regarding website promotion.

Another way of website promotion is to find several links on internet from where you can get back links for your website. You can do this by contacting other web owners having same content as yours or by contacting your friends who are maintaining good website. This process is a bit difficult but this will surely help you in promoting your website. Search engines love these links. Keep on exchanging links with various link exchange websites.

Another way of website promotion is by creating bookmark in all social bookmarking website. Link submitted on these websites are very easily searched by various search engines. Submitting your website in various free search engines can also help you in making your website popular. You can also promote your website by joining various forums related with your website content. Lots and lots of people join forum daily and this is one of the best place on internet to promote your website. Social networking sites, like face book, orkut etc, are also very popular among internet users. With in no time, millions of people from all over the world joined these websites. So website promotion can also be done through these websites.

These ways of promotion are known as online website promotion. There are few offline methods also which can also work for you. You can promote your website by doing advertisement in newspaper, using promotional products like pen, t-shirts etc. In other words, there are countless ways of promoting your website and it’s up to you how you can utilize these ways. Promotion done on website, either online or offline will surely ends up in giving you result you ever wanted from your website. By following all tips mentioned above, you will surely get traffic you ever wanted on your website .All the best.



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What is blackhat exactly?  It refers to the old Western movies where the hero always wore the white hat and the villain always wore the black hat.  The villains were on the losing end pretty much every time but in today’s fast-paced online world with astronomical earning potential, in a lot of cases it is the blackhat that comes out on top.  For years, the search engine providers have been tightening their guidelines and working on their algorithms to provide the best content possible.  The professionals in the wings have carefully monitored the situation and have taken notice every time a significant change occurs.  Search engines today are predicated on their ability to provide relevant, high quality information.  This comes in the form of products that can be purchased or services, or just straight information.  The algorithms are far more complex than they used to be and so people versed in the etiquette of optimization practices have developed a series of techniques that have been tested and that do work.  The only problem is that sometimes these techniques fall short.  Sometimes no amount of optimization is going to save the day.  Maybe, in some cases it is too costly to risk optimizing and the potential revenue streams are unclear and it would affect the current bottom line.

That is why people have turned to blackhat services to some degree. I suppose it is not really a service, and more like an ethos.  Black hats have always prided themselves on figuring out how things work.  Its human nature and these people happen to take this very seriously.  The natural side effect of figuring out how something works is learning its flaws.  So you see here is the rub.  By exploiting these flaws, often only known to the blackhat in particular this can be used to make either a ton of money, or gain a ton of brownie points or both.  These people are usually interested in money and brownie points and also obviously do it to caress their own egos.  That being said, as the person delving into the world of making money on the web, knowing some of these tactics will come in handy as you develop your strategies.  You won’t have to reinvent the wheel or break a system yourself, but what you can do is benefit from the immense amount of experience and information members from that community have to offer.

So where to go then?  Black Hat World is top on my list.  A lot of these types of communities tend to be closed in and unavailable or unwilling to help those who are consider newbie.  Black Hat World is one of those rarities that encourage those not well versed in such tactics to participate in their forums and ask questions.  From my experience this is exceedingly rare and very valuable.  A lot of people are skeptical and also concerned about wading into this subject area but know that your competitors have traveled the same ground and understand that you will be better off with the best information possible.


Black Hat SEO Tools

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Black Hat SEO Tools

So you want more traffic?  There are many methods of accomplishing this result and usually takes the form of a tight and optimized website along with black hat SEO tools.  Ok, so you still are not getting the traffic you need and you are still not driving the conversions or whatever type of campaign you may be running.  Well, it might be time for some divine black hat intervention courtesy of your friends over at

For starters it is critical to have an excellent method of general analytics.  What market are you trying to target and what are your goals for a campaign?  This part takes the longest or maybe the shortest if you are impulsive but it truly is worth thinking about.  Some niches are tried and true and worn out while others maybe up and coming.  In addition, once you have an idea or an approach next to working on your keyword spread which is related directly to what potential consumers are going to type into a search engine and then arrive at your site.  There are a lot of options and a lot of black SEO tools, and others more akin to the dart throwing method but again Black Hat World is an excellent resource to get you started.  Thirdly, you will need to understand what your competitors are up to.  Again, there are tools to do this and most people you talk to will be mum on exactly what they are doing but the more you can find out about them the better you can focus your own strategy.

On top of all that, you will need a tool to monitor conversion rates for example.  How well are your keyword spreads actually doing in the wild?  Constantly monitoring and adjusting these variables as you go will be a beneficial learning experience and will help calibrate your effort into a successful campaign.  Finally, there are tools that can help evaluate your link profile, like how many web pages and how high are those pages ranked that can be tracked to yours—all good things in the realm of SEO.  Rank checkers also are a great way to automate the real results of how well your keywords actually rank in the engines themselves.  There are also some tried and true black hat methods that can work very well.

So you have an awesome idea for a niche and a bevy of tools to help.  Sometimes this next part is automated but some work should go into how you present the page.  You probably don’t have a degree in marketing.  That’s OK.  A lot of people who have made a lot of money don’t either.  But black hat SEO tools can certainly help.  These tools will help you gather the data you need so that you can where you went wrong, but it is up to you to actually make the changes so that a campaign going down the drain can be turned into a success.


Black Hat SEO Technique

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Black Hat SEO Technique

The idea of using black hat SEO technique sound a lot scarier than they actually are.  Black Hat World is a great first stopping off point that will run you through the basics you need to know to get started.  There are even resources for the black belts in black hat techniques.  More on that later.  The technique just simply refers to manipulating search engine traffic and ranking to place your site as high as possible on the first page.  Studies have been conducted that indicate people scan searches from top to bottom and then depending on what language they are reading left to right or right to left.  So it behooves you to have your site at the very top because people aren’t going to start at the bottom and read up.

That’s how black hat SEO technique got its name in the first place.  Search engine optimization was an outgrowth of business and marketing professionals trying to make the most out of their campaigns and presence on the web.  The techniques that they pioneered (many of which are considered black hat these days) have made many people very wealthy.  Not all the techniques are tried and true or lead to instant sales or conversions.  People are a fickle bunch and it takes some finesse but there are ways that one can manipulate results so you can put your best foot forward and get you closer to closing that sale, making a conversion, or getting that click.

So what’s the big deal with black SEO technique?  Well, not much really.  That is, if you call subtle deception of an autonomous spider that scans pages a controversy or an outrage.  Sometimes you have done everything you know how to do or have paid a lot of money to supposed experts to help optimize a website so that it appears high on the first page of a Google search page.  Sometimes that is not enough and not to mention that the way engines actually rank pages is a proprietary and secret algorithm also subject to change.

Given these realities you are only shortchanging yourself if you do not make yourself aware of black hat SEO techniques.  Worst case scenario you get penalized (e.g. you get flagged) and you might have to start a campaign over or scrap a webpage.  Best case scenario you get filthy rich, hire a bunch of people to keep the machine running and move to Hawaii.  A sound nice does it not?  It can happen.  It does.  Black hat SEO technique is all about getting the most out of your marketing strategy.  You want to reach consumers and you have a service or product you tend to believe in.  Great.  Don’t stop there, make it happen.  Go to Black Hat World, introduce yourself on the forums, start reading up on internet marketing and get busy.  This won’t happen overnight and it will probably take some trial and error but it can and will if you are persistent and open your mind to the possibilities.


Black Hat SEO Tactics

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Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO tactics run the gamut from simple methods to get a bump in traffic to entire strategies that can be deployed to a lot of sites very quickly.  Black Hat World tends to have the most consistent documentation and support for a variety of these types of techniques or tactics.  Ultimately, the point is always to drive more traffic to your sites.  Some black hat SEO tactics people frown upon when they go ahead and use them too.  They use them because these tactics don’t physically harm anyone and nor do they harm the automated robots that crawl pages all day long.  They do one thing and one thing very well—make the potential consumer aware of all of their options.

It used to be that keyword stuffing and the like was black hat SEO tactics that seemed desperate and you would occasionally come to those sites and wonder what happened.  It looked like a typing tutor threw up all over the place.  But no, the point is that you went to that site.  The tactics that can be employed today range from the simple to the very sophisticated.  Wherever an affiliate link can be posted I guarantee it has been posted.  But the ways and places to post those links are increasing and expanding at a near exponential rate.  People have a desire for web rich content and love to purchase things over the internet too.  The expansion of content rich providers is just one variable to keep in mind when considering possible avenues of attack.  Some providers have built-in ways that let you exploit the system to reach consumers whether it’s via a structured campaign and some don’t so maybe it’s time to outsource some forum posters and do a link bombing blitz.

It should be stressed that these black hat activities are used by even legitimate companies and you will often see that they will never admit to doing it, play it down, and tear you apart until you call them out with proof.  So it is I suppose with all manner of corporate malfeasance.  Black hat tactics are a way to keep your skill set relevant and polished because the online world today is a vicious and competitive circle that is only going to become more so as the technology improves and feature rich content like social networks becomes the center point in a person’s daily life.  Can you afford to not be aware of these tactics?

The answer is absolutely not.  Sites like Black Hat World have a ton of resources that take a reasonable and rational look at these techniques, most of which have been perfected by people and companies alike over the years.  If anything use the opportunity to know your enemy because as you know, that is one crucial ingredient of winning the war.  Divesting yourself of limitations in all things is a hallmark of success and it might be a long way to the top, but you know that your competitors will take whatever shortcut they can to make it there first.