Website SEO

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Website SEO

Learning how to optimize a website is critical to succeed in the online marketplace today.  Long gone are the days of just having a couple blue links on a page.  To earn your black belt in website SEO there are resources thankfully, that can help you.  Some sites like offer forums rich with content about people trying to succeed and maintain a competitive advantage.  From novice to expert, usually everyone chimes in on questions from the vast user base.  In my experience, it is hard to find a better place than this resource when it comes to learning about SEO.

What is SEO anyway?  It stands for search engine optimization and having good website SEO can certainly make or break a campaign.  Huge companies and corporations employ departments of people typically within the marketing division that are concentrated on rolling out ever improved web sites that can maximize traffic and earning potential.  The online marketplace has become a vast untapped reservoir of potential customers and businesses large and small understand this and have aggressively moved to dissect the algorithms that guide the search engine roving spiders to get the most bangs for their buck.  Landing on the first result page can now be the difference between millions of dollars in profits.

So where does that lead the individual entrepreneur who has a good idea for a niche or a lot of motivation.  Well, learning the basics of website SEO has really never been easier.  There are so many resources online from experts around the world who are willing to give you a head start.  What you will quickly realize is that contrary to your intuition there are some techniques that you just plain would never have thought of.  That’s OK though because SEO is about optimizing a site not just for a potential customer, but also for the search engines.  The subjective determination of a customer of whether a site is good, helpful, friendly can all be measured in the form of feedback for example.

However, the only feedback one really gets from the search engines is the rank plain and simple.  To help tease out more details about where you stand from the perspective of the engines themselves, a great deal of tools that are now easy to use and widely available, have been developed.  These tools will allow you to view the reports you need to make changes to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to optimization.  Because of fierce competition, some people have resorted to other means such as black hat SEO techniques and this is a controversial subject.  It has been discussed far and wide and is by no means unlawful to use these techniques.  They can be risky though and should definitely be applied with caution.  The risk comes in the form of a ban from appearing on search results.  This is obviously the opposite of your objective.  However, if carefully applied, they can help give you a serious edge against the competition.

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